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At Dental Solutions Clinic, you can expect top quality standards approved by the American Dentist Association in any dental procedure that you need. We offer to our patient same day dentures, full service cosmetic, restoration services, and many more! Just to ensure you can have perfect with teeth and a really nice smile in no time, boosting your confidence through the roof. Learn all about the dental procedures you can get done at our clinic, down below you’ll find a short list with our most popular request. We also grow from your feedback, so if you have any doubt or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we love hearing from you! VIEW ALL SERVICES

#1 in "All-on-4" Treatment

With more than 8 years of experience in dentistry, Dr Bojorquez has earned a name for herself in working at the picturesque town of Los Algodones, serving over 1,200 patients in a two year span, earned the title of the #1 expert in All-on-4 Treatment in the Dental Capital of the World. After earning multiple and diplomas and completing refreshment courses at prestigious universities like Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she continues to strive to get better in her profession at the service of her patients, seeking to improve, taking several courses taught by world renowned leaders in the dental implant industry, like Nobel Biocare and Megagen in Spain and Korea. Dr Bojorquez had the privilege and the pleasure to attend a course at the Malo clinic, pioneers and developers of the all-on-4 dental procedure, in Portugal. She has her own office now ready to help new patients. DDS Xochipilli Bojorquez Dental implants specialist MORE ABOUT US

Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is one of the most common procedures in dentistry industry due to the fact that it can easily replace effectively a single tooth or several teeth by using an artificial root usually made from titanium, and a crown, these are from components that are totally bio compatible, meaning that they are compatible with your body tissues to integrate with the surrounding bone, becoming part of the body. And that is why having Dental implants is not only an effective, but a safe and affordable solution to the restoring missing teeth, save 70% of what you would have spent in Canada or the US by reserving your Dental Implant appointment with us!.

All on 4 Treatment

The All on 4 Treatment is a dental procedure that consist in using four dental implants as pillars, usually made from titanium, placing them into the jawbone to support acustum made bridge, replacing permanently the missing teeth, providing a permanent solution and everlasting functional set teeth.
Advantages of choosing the All-on-4 treatment

- Helps prevent the loss of further bone

- Restores full functionality of the mouth

- Is a perfectly replacement for dentures

- Improves facial structure instantly

- Can last more than 10 years in its place

- Boost the self-confidence and quality of life

- Has minimal recovery time with almost

painless compared to other procedures

Los Algodones México

Regarded by many as the Dental Capital of the World, Los Algodones has remained in the last couple of years as the #1 dental destination in Mexico for excellence. Located at just at just 10 miles of Yuma, AZ, 10 minutes walking after crossing the US-Mexico border, more than 3000 tourist all around the globe travel every day to this little cozy town, home of over 350 professional dentists, many trained in the US and Europe, seeking dental treatment at ridiculously discounted prices, saving up to more than 70% in dental procedure compared to what they would have if they get the same treatment at their local dentist, and thus the term Dental Vacations is born. Thanks for choosing Dental Solutions!


Great services and great prices!! Also the dentist answered all of my questions, she gave me some helpful suggestions for my oral routine to maintain my mouth and teeth healthy, and made sure that I really understood what we were doing, including when we were looking at my X-Rays. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a really good dentist in Los Algodones!!
George Mansion, Dental patient
Definitely super professional and nice staff. Everyone single one of them knows their stuff and the clinic is very clean. I was received almost immediately upon arriving, was really nice to not have to wait for too long. I went in for a little cleaning to my teeth, but ended up needing some extra work, so they were really kind to explain everything to me and got me all set up for my next appointments. I’m certainly sure that I’ll be returning here soon!
Mr. Smith, Dental patient
All I have to say is that I absolutely love Dr. Xochipilli. She's certainly really professional and very friendly too, she really made an effort to explain every procedure to me which I appreciated the most because it made me feel secure. I learned a lot of what I need to do to improve my dental hygiene and maintain a perfect smile, thank you!.
James Backer, Dental patient
Dr Xochipilli Bojorquez attended me and I have to say, she is an excellent dentist who is kind and patient. I went in because I needed some serious dental work to my teeth and she took her time to explain every single part of the process to me with great detail, which I greatly appreciated.
MIKE HAMMOND, Dental patiant